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HTGTV- Dont watch me, watch tv..

The Atlantic

Its hard to blog from the ends of the earth, and thats just where i’ve been. I’ll get back to you soon enough..

Publishing my thoughts..

My greatest fear is writing things down. It makes maintaining a blog hard, because of the paranoia I have built up of being punished for my opinion. Anyone who gets to know me knows that I’m super opinionated. In speaking in the circles that I’m in I talk freely on any and every subject. However I was taught as young buck to protect your thoughts, and to never write things that possibly later on affect you negatively. My problem is, almost everything I come up with could potentially be detrimental to me *snicker*. It seems its time to break through these fears and just make the plunge into sharing a little of my self. Just a little though

“Christ is the …

“Christ is the center, Never forget that”

-This Sabbath’s sermon title


this is what my brain looks like right now..

I’m back

I’m about to set the blogging world.. Lol I’m just going to make a slight ripple in about or or two peoples lives, but from here I will begin. Still have to finish the Blogger body of work, but its time to change mediums..